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    Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp Wheelchair/Handicap Accessible Vans Wheelchair Star Lightweight Steel 20”

    Wheelchair/Handicap Accessible Vans

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    Wheelchair/Handicap Accessible Vans
    We offer wheelchair/handicap accessible vans for rent or lease. All of our wheelchair/handicap accessible vans have lowered floors and foldout ramps. Plus, they are equipped with a “kneeling suspension” providing easy access. Safety of wheelchair or handicapped individuals is very important to us. That is why all of our wheelchair/handicap accessible vans are equipped with tie-down straps and seatbelts designed specifically for wheelchair and handicapped individuals. We have a fleet of wheelchair/handicap accessible vans. Each one of these vans is meticulously maintained, cleaned, and serviced to provide you with an exceptional and safe rental experience. Each of the wheelchair/handicap accessible vans offered by us seats up to four passengers plus a wheelchair passenger. Does not include wheelchairs as part of the rental. Please note, our vans do not include handicap accessible controls for the driver.