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Item number: 21590


Item number: 21590

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* GRINDER, CONCRETE POLISHER 20" - KIT * KIT INCLUDES * 25" POLISHER / GRINDER * CONCRETE VACUUM W/ WAND & HOSE * 1 BOX GRINDING DISCS * 1 BOX POLISH PADS * 1 KIT V-HARR FINAL POLISH PADS * Training Video - * LAVINA 25® planetary movement machine is best suited for average and large commercial jobs. * Three and one phase capability. Easy conversion of phases. Excellent buy for the money. * A twenty-five inch (25”) wide grinding and polishing path with tools touching the rim of the skirt and leaving only 5mm distance to the edge eliminates the need for additional edge work. * Designed for both dry and wet applications. When used dry, LAVINA 25® connects to DC3800c Twin vacuums by Dustcontrol or other conventional vacuums. * Several lines of diamond tools for various floor types were custom developed for LAVINA 25®: NATO®, T-Bone®, SA and CALIBRA are few examples of these product lines. * Very low noise levels. * Easy to disassemble and transport. * Detailed DVD instructions available. * A user friendly design includes: * - Hourly meter that keeps track of the hours worked * - Self-leveling skirt that keeps dust/dirt confined under the bowl * - One-sided serpentine belt * - Soft Start technology allowing for a smooth start and a progressive power built-up * - Night vision light which enables operator to direct the light as needed * - Stackable weights with rubber bushings * - Adjustable handle bars with 6 different positions intended for comfort and easy edge work * - Vacuum port for dry applications * - Variable speed motor bolted on top for convenient and fast inspection or repair. * Working Width 25in/655mm * Horse Power 7.5hp/5.5kw * Weight of Machine 366lbs/166kg * Grinding Pressure 189lbs/86kg * Additional Weights 48lbs/22kg * Application wet or dry * Dust-vacuum yes * Water-feeding peripheral * Water-tank Capacity 4.2gal/16L * Voltage 3ph or 1ph x 200-240V/50-60 Hz * Amperage 22 Amp * Machine Length 54in/1350mm * Width 27.6in/690mm * Height 44in/1100mm * LAVINA SPS FLOOR Required Steps * Step 1: 30M @ 500 RPM (OPTIONAL GRINDING STEP) (FOR EXPOSED AGGREGATES) * Step 2: 70M @ 500 RPM (OPTIONAL GRINDING STEP) * Step 3: 120M @ 500 RPM * Step 4: 50 RESIN @ 800 RPM (READY FOR TOP COATS AND EPOXIES) * Step 5: 100 RESIN @ 800 RPMRESIN @ 800 RPM * Step 6: 200 RESIN @ 800 RPM * Step 7: APPLY LAVINA SPS PREMIUM DENSIFIER APPLICATION (SPRAY AND MOP ON MODERATELY THEN LET DRY 20 MINUTES) * Step 8: 400 RESIN @ 800 RPM * Step 9: 800 RESIN @ 800 RPM (SUPERIOR HONED FINISH) * Step 10: 800V-HARR @1100 RPM (PREMIUM HONED FINISH) * Step 11: 1800V-HARR @1100 RPM (OPTIONAL POLISHING STEP) (SUPERIOR POLISH FINISH) * Step 12: 3500V-HARR @ 1100 RPM (OPTIONAL POLISHING STEP) (PREMIUM POLISH FINISH) * Step 13: APPLY LAVINA SPS FLOOR GLOW (SPRAY AND MOP ON MODERATELY THEN LET DRY 20 MINUTES) * Step 14: V-HARR buff @ 1100 RPM (GLOW POLISH FINISH) * * APPLY ANY DYES OR STAINS AFTER 400 RESIN BOND TOOLING IS USED * * RE-APPLY COLOR BETWEEN CONSECUTIVE TOOLING STEPS UNTIL FINISHED FOR DESIRED DEPTH OF COLOR
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