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    Item number: 25002
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    Hitachi's VB16Y combines a rebar cutter and bender into one unit. The unit, which offers preset angle bends, has a built-in microprocessor that will uniformly bend up to No. 5 Grade 60 rebar at a maximum angle of 180 degrees. The machine includes a variable speed trigger with safety lock, bending plate reference markings, and a preset cutting dial. Features * Bends and cuts rebar with ease * Utilizing 530W of power, it uniformly bends up to No. 5 (3/8", 1/2", 5/8") Grade 60 rebar at a maximum angle of 180 degrees * Precision angle bends are preset and completed in just seconds * Variable speed trigger with safety lock provides manual-like precision and control over the bending speed * Operator has complete control over velocity and angle at which the rebar is bent * With the turn of a pre-set dial, bends can be made at a numerous variety of angles * Reference markings on bending plate provide for easy position adjustment * Easily portable, weighing only 42 lbs. * Extremely low profile design (18.4"L x 8.5"H x 9.1"W), yet extremely stable