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    What is RentinoRio?

    RentinoRio is a virtual rental market platform on the Internet whose goal it is to create a bridge between vendors of rental items and services and potential customers. Rentino Corporation is strictly an intermediary and not a vendor.

    Information for Businesses

    What can RentinoRio™ do for you and your business?

    RentinoRio� is a market platform on the internet whose main focus and goal is to create a bridge between service and rental companies and their potential customers. RentinoRio� gives you the ability to present items and services on the internet in a uniformed and comfortable design, this in return gives millions of interested customers throughout the internet community the comfort of being able to search for a variety of items and services in an accustomed website environment. Businesses that do not have their own website can also take advantage of our services; all you need is internet access and a simple email account and then you will also be able to present your items and services on the internet.
    As a business you can use our standard service plan this is based purely on the performance and quality of our leads, we charge a 5% commission fee on the net rental price you've achieved. For businesses who need a fixed cost service plan we offer our basic package for $ 9.90 USD/Month. The services offered in both service plans is very special, not only do you present your items in word and picture but you may also present your business in different locations and categories, when someone is interested in your item all they have to do is start an inquiry and you will immediately receive notification of the inquiry that withholds the customers contact information as well as information to the inquired item, you will immediately be notified through email, at the same time your future customer will also immediately receive your contact information. Some companies may want our directory option where your contact information will be publicly displayed (basic package only) with your items.

    If you're not sure which of our service plans would be best for your business then contact us and we will help you make the right decision. If you already know which service you would like to have then you can register here.
    If you have any questions regarding pricing or you are unsure about registering online, then contact us and one of our customer support staff will contact you and answer all of your questions, and if needed help you with the registration process.

    Comments and Advice If you have any comments or advice on how we can achieve a better service for our customers or for your business then please feel free to contact us, we will do everything we can to make RentinoRio� a better business for the future.

    Thank You!

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    Information for our Guests, Visitors and Users

    RentinoRio™ and You!

    RentinoRio� is a bridge between you and the service and rental businesses in your community and throughout the US. The usage of our website is free to consumers and it offers you the ability to search and find a wide variety of items and services in a simple, comfortable and uniformed design. Similar items and services are collected into categories to simplify your search. When you have found an item you're interested in, send a free, non-binding inquiry, after you have completed the inquiry you will immediately receive the businesses contact information and the chosen business will receive your inquiry with your contact information.

    All we ask for is that you use our website responsibly and respect the businesses that have placed their items and services for your convenience on our website. Thank You!

    Help us make RentinoRio� a part of your community.

    If you have any questions or comments, or you are missing an item or category that you would like to see here then please feel free to contact us and we will try to contact a business near you!
    Please take in to consideration that we are striving to acquire businesses in all corners of the country, giving you a wider range of items and services that can be offered in your community, if you know of a respectable business or company in your community that you would like to recommend, then send us a recommendation and we will use it to contact the company of your choice, of course your recommendation will be anonymous and the respective business will not receive any information about you.

    For your information RentinoRio� and the RENTINO Corporation is strictly an intermediary between vendors, advertisers and prospective customers and does not sell or rent any items offered on this website.

    For more information please see our "Terms and Conditions"

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